Cardiff Bus Wi-Fi

Commuting on a bus in Cardiff anytime soon? Next time you do, you will be able to connect to FREE 4G Wi-Fi!


Commuters and visitors travelling on over 220 vehicles provided by Cardiff Bus and Easy Way Travel, travelling in and around Cardiff and cross boundary services to Newport, will have the opportunity to use the FREE 4G Wi-Fi.


Implementation of this new free service will take place in stages, rolling out across the whole fleet over the next 2 months. The installation of this new service started today and the contract is being delivered by Icomera, which also involves improving passenger information.


The new service on Cardiff’s buses will allow commuters to access the World Wide Web for free, to manage day to day transactions and get information while they travel, by making travel by bus a more enjoyable experience.


All buses have now been fitted with Free 4G Wi-Fi, so look out for "free-cardiff-wifi" next time you're on board.



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Wi-Fi in Bus Shelters

The contract for providing and servicing bus shelters around the city is currently being procured.  A requirement of this project will be for the winning supplier to provide a number of Wi-Fi Access Points to city centre bus shelters enabling passengers to track their bus. 

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