Street Wi-Fi & 4G Developments

Cardiff Street WiFi Network has now launched!

Those of you with keen eyes may have noticed a growing number of little boxes attached to public buildings, CCTV poles, streetlights and bus stops around Cardiff. You can rest assured that this is not more CCTV!  

These little boxes are ‘access points’, or ‘Wi-Fi Hotspots’, and the closer you are to one, the stronger, faster and more reliable your connection will be. That doesn’t mean that you have to sit beneath one all day to reap the benefits! In fact, you’re unlikely to notice a drop in speed or quality wherever you are in the city centre.

Cardiff Council is working in partnership with BT in offering this pioneering digital experience for its businesses, residents and visitors alike. Users are able to connect to the service free of charge and stay online until boredom sets in (if indeed that’s possible). The brand-new service also supports high bandwidth services and video streaming - and all without even using your mobile data allowance.

So the next time you’re out and about in Cardiff and need to find something fast, just log on to the 'CardiffStreetWi-Fi' and search away!

The areas already connected include:         

  • St Mary's Street 
  • Queen Street 
  • High Street 
  • The Hayes 
  • Gorsedd Gardens Road covering the area around City Hall
For an interactive Google Map of all free Street WiFi locations, along with all free Public Building Wifi locations CLICK HERE


Alternatively, check out these maps for a detailed guide to the best places to connect to Cardiff Street Wi-Fi in the City Centre and Cardiff Bay.


City Centre



Cardiff Bay


4G Developments

Cardiff was one of the first cities in the UK to have 4G connectivity and the partnership with BT will further expand 4G networks in the city through new small cell technology that will be deployed on the Council’s street assets. This will ensure that 4G networks will have better coverage and capacity for users. The Small Cell trials are imminent, watch this space!

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